Choose a hair accessory according to the style of the wedding

You have defined the style of your wedding. You have already chosen your wedding dress according to this style and your hairstyle according to your dress. It is therefore time to orient yourself towards the choice of a hair jewelry. But how to do it?!!!

In this article we are going to take a look at the main wedding styles and the hairstyle accessories that suit them.

  • Princess style

Who has not dreamed of becoming a princess on their wedding day?

Princely weddings make us all dream. And what is the hair accessory that Kate Middleton, Megane Markle and Princess Eugenie wore?

A tiara of course!

It is the perfect hair jewelry to perfect a royal look and dazzle your prince charming when you join him to exchange your vows.

The tiara is perfect to magnify a princess wedding dress and if you have chosen a cathedral lace veil then this is the winning trio!

Once you have made your choice, the next thing you need to do is choose the style of tiara you want to wear: imposing, understated, all rhinestone, with pearls, rustic style or more contemporary?

The creators offer a large number of different models, something to have fun!


creation: bridalstylesboutique


creation: floraljewellry


creation: BianoAccessories

creation: ermilove.accessories


creation: RoseStoneInc


creation: Kryle


  • The bohemian style

The bohemian-chic style is the theme most chosen by future brides lately (as well as the country theme).

How to emphasize this style? Well ... The comb and the headband are the big winners of the day!

* Nothing like a small headband slipped into disheveled combed hair. Whether you have opted for a bun or long or mid-length loose hair (straight, wavy or curly) the headband wedding dress is a hair accessory of choice to sublimate this style.

In general, headbands tend to emphasize the back of the hairstyle. Indeed, brides and bridesmaids are increasingly looking after their look from the back.

We advise you to associate the headband with a back collar. A winning combo every time.

For a bohemian-chic look, you can also wear your wedding hair accessory on the front. You choose!


Our "Victoria" will honor any bohemian hairstyle.


* The hair comb is also suitable for this style. It will suffice to position it above a low bun with a few falling locks and you're done.

It also works for loose long or short hair hairstyles. In this case, you can easily insert the comb above the attachment point of a half-tail.


The adorable "Olga". An extremely versatile comb and our undisputed "best seller".


  • Vintage style

You have chosen to reproduce the Gatsby style and bet on the 20s for your wedding.

It's so chic !!!

To sublimate this style, lean over the headband. He is I'wedding hair accessory that the great ladies of the time of the roaring twenties wore to highlight their hair.

There are a multitude of them but rhinestones, sequins and feathers are required to faithfully reproduce this style.

To play the game to the end, position the headband on your forehead and the result will be dazzling.

creations: viogemini


  • Country style

Just like the bohemian look, the country style is in tune with the times and more and more brides are turning to floral hair accessories.
* Crowns et combs of fresh, stabilized or even artificial flowers are the big winners of this season.

You can choose white or ivory flowers to match the theme of the wedding.

Our sweet "Akita" will add romance and tenderness to your image


"Verena": the ideal accessory for a romantic wedding in the countryside


If you are getting married in the fall, get your hands on a flower accessory in warm colors.

creation: magaela_accessories


Finally, you can also bet on an accessory with flowers of more vivid colors (red or fuchsia) to contrast with the ivory or white color of your wedding dress.

creation: magaela_accessories


* Hair vine mixed with a pretty bohemian braid would also make its small effect and would perfectly underline this bohemian style.

"Monika" is one of our most fashionable country models.


* Do not hesitate to prick small ones hair pins in your bun or in your braid for a country-chic touch. 

The advantage of this accessory is its versatility. It can be laid anywhere in the hairstyle and depending on the number of pins used, the resulting image will be more intense or more subtle.

Our "Angela" is ideal to emphasize the country-chic style of the hairstyle of each bride.


  • The classic-romantic wedding

The classic style is that which allows the use of the greatest number of accessories. Pearls, crystals, rhinestones and white flowers are the most used materials for this versatile style.

* The headband is the ideal accessory if you are looking for a rather discreet and easy to put jewel. It will frame the face of the bride and light up her hairstyle in all sobriety. Nothing more elegant than a little pearl headband, tucked into pretty silky hair.

These are accessories suitable for secular or religious ceremonies. 



* The comb is also very elegant to sublimate a bun. As part of the classic style, it usually remains quite simple and rather modest in size. 


 "Kalea": originality and elegance in perfect fusion


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