How long before the wedding should you buy your hair jewelry?

When should you buy your head jewelry and what should your choice depend on?

First of all, you must have chosen your wedding dress. Indeed, your hair jewelry must be in harmony with your dress. The style you choose will guide your choice of all accessories.

For example, if you chose a bridal style rather bohemian therefore the tiara wedding dress, more classic and traditional, will go a little less well with your dress. You should rather prefer a headband or an hair vine.

The materials of your hair accessory should also be chosen so as to highlight your overall look and enhance your bridal style.

If you want to create a style vintage for example then the rhinestones and the feathers will be the materials towards which you will have to orient yourself.


La bridal hairstyle will also influence the choice of your head jewelry. Not all hairstyles are suitable for just any hair accessory. 

For example, a Crown of flowers very heavy and imposing will have a hard time holding on to loose hair and may slip and get in the way. It will be necessary to prefer a  chignon or an half ponytail.

Here are 2 examples with the beautiful flower crowns @agaela_accessories


In addition, some bridal hair jewelry will highlight certain hairstyles more. The headband or comb are for example sublime on a fuzzy bun combed hair.


hairdressing: @moskvichkainfo

Our floral comb "Gergana" worn by the pretty Laurence T.

We know the temptation can be great. You may have a crush on a hair accessory and want to acquire it as quickly as possible, but you have to try to be patient and wait until you have chosen your wedding dress and wedding hairstyle. Patience girls! In any case, think about your overall appearance and a single watchword: "harmony".


To sum up, the best time to choose your hair accessory is right after choosing your hairstyle assuming, of course, that you already have your wedding outfit.

It is best to bring your head jewelry during your hairstyle tests so that the professional hairstylist can show you the final result. So on the morning of the wedding, all you have to do is reproduce the hairstyle and you will avoid the stress of the last minutes. This is why you have to remember to order your hair jewelry in advance in order to receive them in time for your hairstyle test.


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