How to choose the hair jewelry for your wedding?

Choosing a wedding hair jewelry can prove to be a tough task for women who have never considered wearing a hair accessory. Find the "how" and "why" answers that brides-to-be have on a lot of wedding-related topics on our blog.

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You have already chosen your wedding dress and shoes, you have thought about the hairstyle to adopt in relation to your wedding outfit and now it is time to look at all the little remaining details that will make the difference: your bridal accessories .

It is indeed very important to accessorize your wedding outfit in order to emphasize and sublimate it.

Jewelry and especially hair accessories are essential to make your natural beauty shine on D-Day.

The choice of jewelry remains relatively simple because many of you are used to wearing earrings, a bracelet or a necklace on a daily basis. On the other hand, wearing a head jewel is a whole new experience. For most of you, marriage is the rare, if not the only, occasion to wear a hair accessory. to sublimate her bridal hairstyle.

It has been very trendy for several years to wear hair jewelry, but how do you choose it?

The choice is wide. You will have to choose between many accessories, each as beautiful as the next:

  • combs Our pretty model "Magalie" in pearl version only

  • strips The magnificent "Eleanor"  will sublimate a bun wonderfully
  • headbands Endowed with an exceptional delicacy, "Flora" would be the perfect accessory to add a rustic touch to your hairstyle
  • hair vines For a bohemian or country style, don't miss out on the sweet "Olympia"

  • tiaras The sublime "Juliette", one of my favorite tiaras from the talented Daterth Colburn

  • flower wreaths A rare floral beauty created by Ola Popova from "LisaUaShop"

  • headbands One of our new models. Coming soon in the store

  • bun pins One of our new models. Coming soon in the store

    So? Which one is right for you?

    But that's not all!

    Once the type of hair accessory has been chosen, you will have to choose the model: with or without rhinestones, pearls, satin ribbon, feathers, crystals etc.



    Remember to make sure that your hair jewelry is compatible with the bridal hairstyle that you have opted for.

    For example, hair vines will work great for hairstyles with braided hair. It will be more difficult to place them in a bun.

    In addition, it is better to wear a tiara with a high bun to allow better support.

    Headbands are more suited to low buns and look less pretty on high buns.


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