Hello everyone and welcome to the world of craft creation.
A world filled with beauty, originality and sweetness! 
I am Katya, a woman of Bulgarian origins carrying in her genes the creativity of the Slavic peoples, absolutely self-taught but full of inspiration and passion.

Installed in France since 2009, I started my career as a translator, continuing it in the field of national education. Over the years, little by little my creativity took over and I finally decided to make it a full time activity.
I created my small artisanal business in 2017 and since then I always work alone in the calm of my workshop, located in the countryside in the North-East of France.

In my online store I offer 2 essential types of creations: pearls and satin (sometimes a mixture of the two).
Here you will find hair jewelry and accessories for weddings and ceremonies but also floral satin hair accessories that you could wear every day, as well as gift ideas and decoration for your parties.

All the pieces in the shop are original models, designed and handmade by myself with the greatest attention to detail and a high level of quality of the supplies.
The personalization of your accessories is available on request so do not hesitate to contact me so that we can discuss it together.

Thank you for taking the time to read on HappyWeddingDreams, I hope you find a wonderful piece to make you happy!

Good shopping!